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John works to bring out the emotional beauty and self-expression through the child’s own unique and creative talents.  Rock Camp  includes guitar, bass, drums and vocals with the following visions:  Write and perform original songs, learn chord structures, learn professional tricks that make playing easier, learn with rhythms, bass & vocals to combine instruments as a band, learn lead and backup vocals (harmonies & unison vocals).  See Rock Camp images below.

In response to Johnny stressing creativity, spirituality and clean living to his students, parents have given the following testimonials:

    “My son looks forward every week to his lesson with John. Between the lessons and practicing, his focus has improved in all areas of learning.  Thank you, Johnny !”  -Allison

    “My son was having a hard time with drugs, alcohol, and life in general. Johnny’s attitude toward a spiritual, drug free life has turned him around. Through private lessons, he now plays a mean bass, and is instrumental in helping other young people find a meaningful, fun, path in this crazy world of today.  Thanks Johnny !  -Dwayne

Contact judy@nitzinger.com for registration information about Nitzinger's Music Factory's Rock Camp, private lessons and adult workshops.   Rock Camp registration (non-refundable deposit).                       

Scholarship donations are graciously accepted.    

Scroll down to see photos.  All photos by Judy Nitzinger.

Special thanks to our GOLD Sponsor, David Mobley, Songwriter/Producer, for his continued support of Nitzinger's Music Factory.  

Private lessons and rock camp: